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Job Creation

2,500+ New Jobs


Improving Transportation Assets in Communities with State and Local Government

Grants & Funding

Millions in Grant & Funding Awards

Government Revenues

Millions in New Revenues without Increasing Taxes

Main Streets

Successfully Transformed Multiple Downtowns

Grants & Funding

Millions in Grants, Funding & Low-Interest Loans

New Business

400+ New Businesses

New Housing

$500+ Million in New Housing

Current Projects

$40 Million – Sellersville Business Park – Sellersville

$25 Million – 70 Unit Town Home Project –Sellersville

2 – New Micro Brewery Tasting Rooms – Perkasie

Downtown University Satellite Campus – Lansdale

2 – Train Station Renovations to Restaurants – Sellersville & Perkasie

Creating New Town Center Zoning Overlay – Silverdale

Downtown ESRI Marketing & Spending Analyses – Lansdale, Sellersville, Silverdale

Large-Scale Downtown Mural Project– Sellersville