Award-Winning Revitalization Consultants

Rescuing Municipal Budgets

“Man Overboard”
Rescuing Municipal Budgets

Are monsters from the deep sinking your ship? 

We understand the challenge of balancing municipal budgets.

We can help navigate treacherous waters and guide you to a safe harbor. Our “Development by Design process creates a pathway to revitalizing your community without raising taxes or slashing services. 

We Create Municipal Revenues

Our consulting team creates sustainable municipal revenues through:
Real Estate Transfer Taxes, New Real Estate Taxes, New Earned Income Taxes, Increased Property Values, New Local Service Taxes

How we revitalize communities:

  • Creating jobs and revenue for municipalities
  • Innovating solutions for economic growth
  • Raising property values
  • Increasing occupancy and lease rates
  • Filling vacant and blighted properties
  • Improving the quality of life for residents and businesses
  • Negotiating resolutions to complicated decade-long challenges
  • Utilizing social media marketing to promote municipalities
  • Leasing, selling and repurposing commercial properties
  • Cross-pollinating businesses, municipalities, and organizations
  • Assisting business start-ups
  • Implementing Comprehensive Plans

Municipal Economics – Rebuilding Communities

“The scale of municipalities allows for real revitalization to happen,” remarked Barth. “Here it is possible to reach and create successful teams that influence change. Bottom-Up Economics partnered with Top-Down support from local government officials creates an achievable revitalization model. The Bottom-Up/Top-Down model has created hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment and 2,500+ new jobs for the communities we serve”